Our Services

Our services are wide ranging, and include new homes, subdivisions, multi-unit developments, renovations & extensions.

What We Offer

Our services are wide ranging, and include concept designs, new homes, subdivisions, multi-unit developments, renovations, extensions, decking, pergolas, garages, carports, sheds, granny flats and shop fit outs.

But our services also go beyond design and drafting. As a one-stop-shop, our team can liaise with external consultants throughout your project saving you valuable time, excessive architecture fees and the stress of not knowing where to start and what is required. We are here to assist you – from day one of the design process through to construction. Explore our services in detail below.


We undertake a range of residential projects, from new homes, to renovations, extensions, and everything in between. If you’re looking to build a new home unique to your lifestyle, our expert team can create a custom design for you. Beyond new homes and extensions, we also pride ourselves on offering dual-occupancy and multi-unit development services to help you make the most of your land and yield a significant investment.


We have worked with an array of business owners in our 20 years in business and can be called upon to design and draft new commercial stores or renovations of existing fit outs. Whether it’s a large-scaled shopping centre, new office space, or a retail store, our expert team can help you design the perfect space to attract your target market.

Town Planning

You will experience a quick, hassle-free turn around as we can provide you with all the town planning and building permits required for your project. We can also provide you with consultants to handle council applications for all planning matters including new homes, multi-unit developments and Rescode assessments.


A subdivision involves dividing a piece of land into separate blocks, which can then be sold or developed. We handle the process of subdivisions and plans to go with your subdivision.

Land Surveying

Without the precise measurement of boundaries and land, projects can quickly encounter major problems. With these measurements and/or levels, we can achieve an accurate picture of what we are dealing with when we begin to draft your plans.

Illegal Works

Have you received a Building notice from your local council? Not sure what to do next? Cadox can assist you with “As built plans” as you see your structure on site and can quicky ascertain if you need a planning or building permit.

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