Oiling and Cleaning Your Prized Decking

Most Aussies love a timber decking for entertaining, relaxing or simply to compliment the look of your home.

Like most things, without a bit of maintenance and care your decking will start to look a bit tired. You can bring your much-loved space back to life with a few simple tips;

–       It is recommended you oil your decking every 12 months for best results.

–       If your decking is fairly new, check with your timber supplier on when would be the best time to oil the decking as some timbers need to weather for a certain duration beforehand.

–       Ensure the decking is completely dry between applications

Weathering your deck is important, when your deck is new, the timber is full of oils and tannins that need to leech out or else the oil and stain you use wont soak into the timber properly.

The weathering process ensures the oil goes deeper into the timber, offering greater protection against the elements.

During this time the timber may go grey in colour, which indicates the deck is weathering successfully.

Preparing your Timber

Ensure you pick a day with no rain forecast

Use warm soapy water or deck cleaner with a decking brush and thoroughly clean as much dirt off as you can before rinsing off with a hose. Allow your decking to completely dry.

If your decking is quite warn or damaged, seek further advice prior to oiling as you may need a stronger solution which is generally left on for 15-30 minutes before you rinse off with a hose.

The deeper clean may also strip your decking of any natural oils and therefore will require a day or two before you start the oiling process.

Ensure you chose a quality oil (water based or non-water based) as recommended by a timber/flooring supplier for best results.

Some quality brands we have researched are;


Feast Watson

Cutek CD50

Intergrain UltraDeck

British Paints Timber Protect

Wattyl Weatherguard

Application and Drying Time

To apply decking oil, you will need a brush or lambswool applicator (our personal choice)

Apply each coat onto the timber using smooth and even strokes along each board or section.

Two coats are recommended for well-oiled looking results. Always read the instructions before use.

It is important to wait for each layer to dry completely before applying the next layer.

Decking oil is absorbed deep into the surface of the wood so it is important you leave enough time in between coats to avoid blotches, streaks and pooling.

If you can, its best to wait at least one day in between coats.

Good luck! Your decking will be like new and ready to show off to your friends and family.