Planning & Building Applications

Keep reading to discover what this important term means in plain English

A hands-on approach to the entire planning and building process

One of the most commonly confusing aspects of a building project is planning approval. At CADOX, we take a hands-on approach, leading you through the entire process of planning approval through to building documentation for your project. Keep reading to discover what this important term means in plain English.

About Planning Applications

A planning application is an application made to local council for consent to carry out a development – such as an extension, subdivision, new house construction and possibly a renovation. If you’re thinking of altering the structure of your home or making any other major change to your building or garden, you may be required to apply for a planning permit.

Not every renovation will require a planning application. The requirements are dictated by each unique local council. Some general stipulations that councils use to determine if a planning application is needed include:


Zoning Regulation
Your local council is divided into zones such as residential or business. Different regulations, such as building height, apply to each different zones.


Local Environment Plan
This establishes what forms of development and land use are permitted in the council area.


Development Control Plan and Land Use Regulations
These provide additional information and guidelines to the Local Environment Plan on development and land use.


Visual Impact of Development
Will the development change the look of the streetscape?


Impact on Adjoining Property
How will the development affect the neighbours?

Before we submit any planning application to council, we recommend that you consult with your neighbours. This allows you to explain your development plans in detail and allows them to voice any concerns. A small change in the plans at this stage could work to keep the neighbours happy and potentially save you money in the process.

After we’ve submitted your application to council, you may have a period of public notification (depending on your local council) whereby members of the community have access to your application and can lodge an objection – this is why consulting your neighbours prior to submission can be beneficial.

At this stage, your local council may request additional information, undergo an inspection of your site or request a council meeting. There are a number of ways in which your application will be assessed. These include:


  • Assessment by council planning staff under delegated authority
  • Assessment by your council conducting a development assessment meeting – this can occur due to objections to the proposal, or it does not comply with the council’s standard regulations and policy
  • Assessment at a council meeting – this is when the application is controversial, and has attracted a large number of objections or has been referred from a development or assessment meeting
  • Approval notification


The time it takes to receive council approval depends on the type of application you’ve lodged, and the particular council involved. Some can take a few weeks, while others can take months. We will notify you once as soon as we know the outcome of your application.

Depending on your scope of works, your project may only require a building permit.

The administration team conduct a desktop analysis at early quoting stage to determine if your project requires building documentation (working drawings) or a planning permit.

Our drafting and administration staff will guide you through the process from-

  • Sketch stage
  • Building Documentation
  • Through to recommending a Building Surveyor for your building permit.

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