Let there be light!

Looking for options to incorporate natural north-facing light?
Cadox has been designing homes for over 25 years to meet the needs of clients from all walks of life.
Chasing the North facing light can be the biggest challenge for designers. At Cadox, our expert designers use a number of techniques to ensure you’re maximising as much of that all-important northerly sun. If your home faces the wrong orientation there are ways you can incorporate natural light by…

  • Adding a private outdoor space to the front of your home
  • Consider setting up your main outdoor area to the side of your home
  • Create a central lightwell
  • Elevate a secondary outdoor space such as a balcony
  • Increase the size of your south¬†facing windows
  • Limit trees and shade where possible
  • Chose a lighter colour scheme throughout

Optimising natural light is integral to the design of a building.
It plays on our mood, comfort and health and should be carefully considered when designing any home or office space.