10 mistakes homeowners can make when planning to renovate

1. Starting renovations too soon Its always best to live in your house before making any plans too soon to learn where the sun hits, where the easiest access point is when entering the house and even getting a sense of the soul of the house and what rooms you would like brighter, bigger etc. […]

Do I Need A Permit To Build A Pool?

As the weather starts to warm up in Victoria, we’re dreaming of a summer spent outdoors enjoying the sunshine. And nothing makes the warmer weather more enjoyable than your very own pool! A pool is the perfect way to cool off, play with the kids and enjoy the company of friends and family in a […]

Let there be light!

Looking for options to incorporate natural north-facing light? Cadox has been designing homes for over 25 years to meet the needs of clients from all walks of life. Chasing the North facing light can be the biggest challenge for designers. At Cadox, our expert designers use a number of techniques to ensure you’re maximising as […]

Living Room: Light and bright is the way to go!

The use of whites with earth colour undertones, along with natural materials can create a great feeling and natural look to your living room. Light and neutral colours are more reflective and will make the most of the natural light to brighten up the room and your mood!!  

Do you have a small bathroom, or does your bathroom need a revamp?

Bathrooms can be one of the most challenging rooms in the house! Adding warmth to your bathroom is a great start with wooden accents such as natural wood for your vanity, or adding some flair to your floors with a wooden floor feature or a statement timber wall! Backlight your mirror, float your vanity and […]