Cadox Building Design

Drafting, Design, Unit Development, Sub Division, Building Plans, Permits, Melbourne, Australia


1. Initial Meetings and Property Research

As each project is specific - this stage is a time to meet, analyse and advise.

Local councils are becoming evermore strict so Property Research is a necessity for all projects, Cadox have created and set precedence to relieve Property Research in a written format from council. The written wording will determine if town planning, building permit or both are required.

A preliminary council consultation meeting is advisable to ascertain councils view on your project. At this stage, you will receive a scope of works, fee schedule and time frame.

2. External Consultants

At Cadox we have created many alliances with the local companies and trades. We understand that you are busy with work, family and personal commitments and don’t have the time to organize their own projects. Our systems alleviate the need for you as the client to have to organize anything. Our team from engagement of our appointment will liaise with all external consultants, trades and councils on your behalf.

In this stage, soil engineers, site surveyors and title research is obtained if required and our staff will notify you of this.

3. Existing Conditions

By this stage all preliminary property research, site surveys and reports have been obtained, our staff have advised you on the direction of your project and its time to start drawing.

As many projects will involve your existing home our staff will make another site visit and measure up your existing features.

4. Concept Design, Building and Town Planning Documentation

If design is required it is completed in this stage. Conceptual sketches and brainstorming with you enables us to see and advise of the various options, costings and time schedule of any proposed project.

Concept designs will be produced to include site plan, floor plans, elevations and the overall view of how your project will look and basic construction.

Building Documentation: Once the designs have been signed off, the next step is Building Documentation or Building Construction Drawings.

In this stage your conceptual sketches are taken to the technical level. This set of plans is completed with the view of obtaining a Building Permit. These plans are also used for Building Construction pricing as they will have all technical data specification and sizes on the drawings.

5. Project Co-ordination

As all projects will require either a Town Planning, Building Permit or both. Project co-ordination is implemented at this stage.

By this stage we would have engaged a structural engineer and together the architect and engineer work hand in hand to design the structure to ensure a safe and structural building.

On completion of the following steps:

  1. Town Planning Documentation and/or
  2. Building Documentation
  3. Geotechnical Soil Investigation
  4. Structural Engineering
  5. Client Consultation

With this full set of documents, construction costs can be obtained or a building permit can be issued with the insurance details of your builder. Alternatively you can obtain a building permit with an estimated cost of works and as an "owner builder".

6. Construction

The only thing left to do is construction. With our extensive builders list your building practitioner can liaison with builders on your behalf.